About Us

Kite Beach Center – Umm al Quwain


  • To create a training center which offers our expertise in surfing/kite surfing and maintain it to international standards
  • To create a leisure and holiday spot for local and international tourists by creating a unique set up of activities and camping stations.
  • To highlight the rich culture and beauty of umm al Quwain through mangrove tours and customized kite beach center decor.
  • To provide a raw gym experience in the form of open exercise center with natural materials.
  • Maintain a high-quality service of food and beverages prepared by qualified chefs and staff.
  • To provide high quality of customer service through our dedicated and highly trained staff.




To make kite beach center, the best training center for kitesurfing and water sports in the world in addition of bringing “the island experience” of Zanzibar and Bali to Umm Al Quwain, appealing to the international tourists.



Mr Sultan Al Ali

Born into the beautiful Emirate of Umm Al Quwain, Mr Sultan Al Ali has always had a natural love towards the sea. His subconscious passion and the love for adventure attracted him towards the sport of kite surfing. Having visited many countries in a thirst for adrenaline, Mr Sultan was enlightened by a vision for his naturally gifted homeland of Umm al Quwain.He came up with the idea of uniting the sea with the sports seekers and families alike.


 A unique setting where people are able to experience nature by connecting to the raw and natural components like wood and stone while feeling the gentle brush of breeze. Every small detail and designing aspect were carefully structured and led on by Mr Sultan himself. The strong and sturdy African wood was personally curated by him, all the way from Tanzania to U.A.E. Under his supervision, a team of hand craftsmen developed his idea of building a natural gym in the form of wood and stone weights and benches.


  The other half of his vision consisted of bringing his passion for kite surfing and water sports to life.His discipline and natural understanding of the waves and wind inspired him towards developing a safe and professional kite surfing training school,which is certified by International kite boarding organization. The same organization also qualified him as a certified kite surfing instructor 7years ago in Thailand.


 Thus, the kite beach center in Umm al quwain, which started as a simple imagination has since developed into a major landmark in U.A.E., and put Umm al quwain on the world map, for international kite surfing and water sports.



1. What time open and closing?

Opening hours

06 am till 10 pm

Check in time:  morning 06 am till 10. Am

                              Afternoon 4pm till 06 pm

3. Where’s the location?

Situated in Um Al Quwain next to Um al Quwain beach Hotel

4. What are the beach access charges?

AED 75 for weekends and 45 AED for weekdays. And please try to come early to get your umbrellas since we have limited numbers

5. What kind of activities available?

Basically we are water sport center with Kite surfing school. We do surfing, kite surfing, kayaking /Mangrove tours etc. And you can chill on the beach (beach access)

6. Do you have overnight stay facilities?

Yes we do have camping for overnight stay. You can book online

7. How can we book your services?

We have online booking system. (Please refer our website for bookings kitebeachcenter.ae we don’t accept bookings over the phone. Any further clarifications you can contact us on whatspp 0555073060 regarding bookings)

8. Can you explain more about beach huts?

Maximum 6 people can accommodate for beach hut. Idea for spend the day with families and friends. Since we have 5 huts you need to book at least 2 weeks in advance to get your hut on weekends. And entrance fees is a separate charge for beach hut customers

9. Do you have restaurant facilities?

Yes we do have restaurant Ala-Carte menu with continental/Italian food) and coffee shop. You can refer our website menus.

17. Can we bring our own tent?

Yes you can by charge 100aed

20. Can we do BBQ on the beach or camp?

No not allowed, you can order from our restaurant & we have live BBQ on the beach too

25. Do you have AC in the tent or huts?

 No only fan and outdoor AC available on request

29. Can we take personal photo shoot?

Need prior approval for photoshoot and and to make the payment before start the photoshoot

30. Can we do photo shooting for products?

Yes by charge and send full details by email hello@kitebeachcenter.ae or WhatsApp +971 55 507 3060

32. How is the weather today?

Please refer our website Wind finder application

33. Do you have wave today?

 Please refer our website Wind finder application

34. Are you serving food in beach area?

No we are self serviced restaurant